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art hiatus

these past few months have been very rough for me and things will be pretty harrowing for some time to come, so i haven't felt much like drawing and it's unlikely i'll be able to for a while. i'm not gone for good though! thank you to everyone who's followed me for your patience. i hope to be producing art again at some point.

rosy river

another OC as a warrior cat! he's part of a friend group that includes some OCs-as-cats from another piece of mine, Lunar Crescent and Sky Lily. he's very chill and friendly, and loves roses! his eyes are pale from a medical condition that eventually blinded him, and are often half-lidded as he's frequently quite fatigued from a different medical condition. despite these things though, he remains (surprisingly, to most other cats) a quite capable combatant. (as with his OC version, he's also trans and very gay)


finally managed to draw another thing ;_; done completely on my phone again too, so there's a bit of messyness but at least it's finished

two more of my OCs as warrior cats, Stormsong and Sungaze! i worked extra hard to make their expressions soft and adoring

(also fuck you waterfall for refusing to paste my art description, forcing me to hand-type it all)

just one of my OCs as they appear in WoW, for their webpage! they love dark, boring clothes.


okay okay, hear me out.... what if.... cloudtail actually had stormy, cloudy looking fur, and it was just his tail that was billowing white? what if his eyes were orange suns peeking through the clouds?

i've still been doing a lot of just plain sketching to painstakingly learn human anatomy. it's so hard! i struggle to feel like i've made any progress, and i've also struggled to make anything that vaguely looks finished, and have been trying to let myself just draw and color messily to practice actually finishing things. this drawing was actually done on my phone, and honestly mobile drawing programs leave a LOT to be desired, but this one seems alright. animals feel so much easier to draw than humanoids for me, i do a lot of sketches of cats and various original species in between crying over failed attempts at drawing humans, hah.

antonius lalune

OC of one of the cool people in a discord i hang out in!

i tried a few different expressions and positions for the head; ended up using this one to show his SHARP BITEY DANGER HORSE TEETH.

he's an original species called a Lunecorn!

new ID for DA and FA just in time for pride month!! hurray!

fair warning: anyone bringing discourse to me about queer being part of my identity will be immediately and permanently blocked. don't form your opinions around TERF rhetoric, friends.

i've been trying to study anatomy lately, so i haven't done much refined drawing. i did want to experiment a bit with the design of one of my OC's forms, though. sort of got the right direction this time, i think.

i still struggle with form, and after several failed attempts at drawing animals just gave up and tried something more... relaxing.


HELLO EVERYONE I BRING YOU ON THIS DAY: GAY CATS just two trans lady OCs of mine made into cats for my warrior cats universe. Sky Lily is the Big Lady and Lunar Crescent is the Small. they're clan cats in my writing but lived their life as clanless rogue cats before then.

i have been mighty sad lately. been trying to draw happy nice things to help myself feel better.

squirrelflight is a favorite subject. in my mind's eye, her fur is as colorful as her personality.

art feels hard. i gave up on another picture before attempting this one. maybe the next one will be better.

i wanted so badly for there to be an alolan rapidash! nintendo dashed my dreams, but nobody can stop me from making my own! it's a psychic/fairy type :D

still trying to get out of art block hell.

i originally wasn't going to upload this publicly, but a few friends in my private discord liked it so here i am posting it anyway! this isn't really intended to be a masterful rendering of a landscape or anything, i was just playing with brushes while feeling heavily art-blocked and it turned out looking vaguely like snowy mountains, so i tried to push it a little in that direction. seems to check out, at least at a glance

there was some completely ridiculous drama in the warrior cats fandom on tumblr not too long ago, regarding what headcanons for cat colors were "allowed", which resulted in an artist i followed getting harassed for their designs. i do NOT condone fandom policing regarding harmless things like the color of a pretend cat! so here is my rosy-white!hollyleaf, just in time for the christmas season. she looks especially festive against a snowy background, i feel!

(fair warning: hate messages will not be read, and will be responded to only with a permanent block.)