silver's art

queer furry artist. they / them.


still figuring this out.

my personal website, Silver's Garden of Dreams, contains links to my other art accounts, detailed information about me consolidated into one place, and other personal things like my OCs.
(fair warning that my site is flagged 18+, as i plan on having commission info and art of adult content on there. most pages won't have anything even close to that rating and pages that do will have warnings and censors, but be aware all the same.)

this blog is only for my own posts, and leaving comments / likes on other posts. i don't reblog, sorry! it's nothing personal. this blog is just intended to be an online gallery of my art, and there's no way on tumblr-like sites to do that and also boost / reblog others' content from the same blog.

i don't plan on taking commissions any time soon, but if i do their status will be posted on my website and deviantart/furaffinity linked from my site and will be done directly through paypal. waterfall's upcoming commissions marketplace is a neat idea and i'm glad to see such a thing come to pass, but personally i can't deal with having my commissions spread over all the sites i use for art. i want my dealings with real money consolidated on a platform i've used FAR longer than waterfall has existed, and if i moved off paypal it'd just be to deal with something like stripe directly rather than through a -social media account- of all things.

as with all my accounts, bigots / fascists and their sympathizers are blocked on sight. fuck off. this includes but is not limited to bigot varieties such as: TERFs, "alt-right", transmeds / "truscum", exclusionists. your kind are all the same and i despise all of you.