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okay okay, hear me out.... what if.... cloudtail actually had stormy, cloudy looking fur, and it was just his tail that was billowing white? what if his eyes were orange suns peeking through the clouds?

i've still been doing a lot of just plain sketching to painstakingly learn human anatomy. it's so hard! i struggle to feel like i've made any progress, and i've also struggled to make anything that vaguely looks finished, and have been trying to let myself just draw and color messily to practice actually finishing things. this drawing was actually done on my phone, and honestly mobile drawing programs leave a LOT to be desired, but this one seems alright. animals feel so much easier to draw than humanoids for me, i do a lot of sketches of cats and various original species in between crying over failed attempts at drawing humans, hah.

squirrelflight is a favorite subject. in my mind's eye, her fur is as colorful as her personality.

art feels hard. i gave up on another picture before attempting this one. maybe the next one will be better.