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i originally wasn't going to upload this publicly, but a few friends in my private discord liked it so here i am posting it anyway! this isn't really intended to be a masterful rendering of a landscape or anything, i was just playing with brushes while feeling heavily art-blocked and it turned out looking vaguely like snowy mountains, so i tried to push it a little in that direction. seems to check out, at least at a glance

there was some completely ridiculous drama in the warrior cats fandom on tumblr not too long ago, regarding what headcanons for cat colors were "allowed", which resulted in an artist i followed getting harassed for their designs. i do NOT condone fandom policing regarding harmless things like the color of a pretend cat! so here is my rosy-white!hollyleaf, just in time for the christmas season. she looks especially festive against a snowy background, i feel!

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